Plans re-submitted for third Coalisland supermarket

The proposed Newell Stores supermarket for Coalisland running parallel to the Lineside

Controversial proposals for a third supermarket in the centre of Coalisland have been re-submitted to the planning authority for approval.

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Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.

The divisive development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups.

But the plans have been scaled back and were resubmitted for consideration on Thursday, September 15.

Newell Stores, as seen running at a right angle to the Lineside

Car parking spaces would no longer be constructed on top of the canal basin, with space for 90 vehicles now relocated to run along the wall next to the health centre.

But the proposed construction of a roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre remains on the second set of plans – the seventh roundabout in Coalisland.

A new transport assessment document submitted with the application claims about 348 cars, 10 heavy-goods vehicles and 86 pedestrians and cyclists would be attracted to the new supermarket every day.

The building itself has a floor space of 2,340m sq and would be constructed from red brick and ribbed panels in a “goose wing-grey” colour.

Plans suggest the supermarket will have about eight shop-floor checkouts and a “quick shop” convenience area.

Floor plan of the proposed supermarket. The entrance is in the top-left corner, with checkouts directly in front as you enter the store. A “quick-shop” area is in the right-hand corner (Click to enlarge)

Employment for 30 people would be created through the development.

Developers withdrew their first application after homeowners directly behind the site in Mourne Crescent complained that demolition and clearing work had caused their gardens to collapse.

Coalisland’s canal committee also criticised the development over plans to construct a car park on top of the waterway.

Some shoppers have claimed a third supermarket was not needed Coalisland, while others fear its presence would destroy any remaining independent business in the town centre.

Site plan, showing the proposed roundabout in the top-left corner, and the relocation of parking spaces towards the left, next to the health centre (Click to enlarge)

Planning consultation documents show the previous proposal was deemed unacceptable due to its impact on Coalisland canal.

In a consultation report it was said: “Development Plan has no objection in principle to the redevelopment of the former egg store warehouse.

“However, the present proposal is unacceptable as it would significantly impact on the integrity of the historic Canal feature.

“It is therefore recommended that the scale of the proposal should be reduced so that car parking is no longer required on the canal basin.”

Neighbouring homes were yesterday notified of the second planning application, and final consultations on the development will be received on Friday, October 14.

>View the new planning application

>View the original planning application

What do you think about the proposals? Is a third Coalisland supermarket too much, or is it a welcome source of employment for the town? Let us know your views by commenting below


  • Briankerr45

    Well 30 jobs is a god send to the area so I can’t see any problems .the canal is saved so a bit of healthy competition can only be good for the consumers.

  • Wakeupandsmelltheroses

    So a survey states
    A new transport assessment document submitted with the application claims about 348 cars, 10 heavy-goods vehicles and 86 pedestrians and cyclists would be attracted to the new supermarket every day.
    This is Coalisland we are talking about the main street is already congested so how are we to accommodate this increase in traffic…. i know we will let this be built THEN states that we need to make changes WRONG the plan should be viewed upon accessibility now.. which we dont have nor need.
    Employment for 30 people may actually mean that AS 15-20 people lOse there jobs elsewhere!!!!!!!!
    What will Newell stores give back into the town?? the same as the other two  NOTHING

    So pros v con No brainer  no need for this in Coalisland

  • Thetruthisneeded

    Im worried that this pipe dream is still being pursued despite massive opposition to it from all sections of the community, and its still being pushed in the council chamber by certain members, you have to ask what’s in it for them.

    Coalisland already has two super-markets in the town, as well as several other local shops located within short distance of this planed building. Those who talk about creating 30 new jobs must be blind if they don’t see this affecting those other shops. These 30 jobs are in affect swap jobs, and this new super-market will not be happy with just a small slice of the trade in Coalisland, which will mean someone is going to lose out, meaning that more than 30 people will lose there jobs. I would also be worried about the planned reshaping of the road, which will affect Springisland, again putting at risk the jobs there. This is a very bad plan and shame on those in the chamber trying to push it through. 

  • i personally dont think we need a third supermarket in coalisland and i agree with the fact that if 30 new jobs are created here that will mean at least 30 jobs will be lost in the existing supermarkets we have! also, more traffic?? has anyone tried to cross the road at the mamie’s corner lately? Or drive down main street without cars double parked! and what about the garden’s in Mourne Cresent that were meant to be fixed? Residents are still waiting for this to happen.  So remind me again, what is Newell Stores actually bringing to Coalisland ?

  • Damien Oneill557

    newell stores here we go again just after they publish.that they are going to pay for all the fireworks,and christmas lighting.for the council makes think.what they are going to get in return.our town rep should be ashamed of themselfs.
    our one and only councler must be turning in his grave.

    hope they all sleep at night.


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