Arson attack at house in Coalisland

A Coalisland couple have been left shaken after petrol was poured onto their front door and set alight at their home in Meenagh Park.

The front door was damaged and an outer pane of double-glazed glass was cracked in the attack, but no one was injured.

The attack happened at about 1am on Thursday. The couple were in the house when they heard a loud noise downstairs.

They looked out the window and saw flames at their front door.

The remains of a plastic bottle containing petrol was found nearby.

Detectives in Dungannon are investigating the incident.

SDLP Coalisland councillor Jim Cavanagh said the attack had the potential to kill.

He said: “This criminal act is to be absolutely condemned. An arson attack such as this has the potential to kill, not only those in the targeted house but also residents surrounding homes.

“The people of Meenagh Park and Coalisland want to live in a society free from lawlessness and intimidation where they rule of law prevails.

“Anyone who can help the police in this investigation should do so immediately.”


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