It’s not big enough! Lineside supermarket developers seek to ‘increase store size’

Coalisland Newell StoresThe developers of a sprawling grocery superstore being constructed in the centre of Coalisland have applied for fresh planning permission – to make it even bigger.

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Approved: Lineside supermarket development receives planning consent

Controversial plans to build a third major supermarket in the centre of Coalisland have been given the go-ahead.

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The gloves are off: Springisland objects to rival Lineside supermarket plan

Tension is mounting in the war of Coalisland’s supermarkets as heavyweight superstore Springisland has submitted objections to the planned Lineside development.

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Canal group opposes Lineside supermarket

  • Revised plans submitted after developers buy out objecting architects

The Coalisland Canal committee have made a formal objection to the Lineside supermarket proposals after developers submitted revised plans for their grocery superstore.

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Lineside supermarket: Plans for TWO-LANE roundabout traffic emerge

New details of plans to dramatically alter the flow of traffic in Coalisland town centre have emerged as part of the controversial Lineside supermarket development.

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Done deal: Lineside supermarket developers buy out objecting architects

The Lineside supermarket developers have struck a deal to demolish the offices of an architect who previously criticised their plans, making way for extra grocery-store parking.

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Planning consultants: DOE ‘negligent and incompetent’ in dealing with Lineside supermarket

A planning consultancy firm has slammed the DOE for its handling of plans to build a third Coalisland supermarket, accusing the department of being “negligent from the outset”.

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Lineside supermarket developers bid to buy out objecting architects

The developers of the proposed Lineside supermarket have confirmed they intend to purchase a neighbouring architects’ building to create extra parking spaces for their plans.

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DOE: Lineside supermarket is ‘detriment to townscape’

Controversial plans to build a third supermarket in the centre of Coalisland have been sent back to the design stage after the planning authority raised several concerns over the proposals.

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Coalisland architect: Lineside supermarket plans fall ‘well below standards’

The level of car parking planned for the Lineside supermarket development is only half of what is required, a Coalisland architects’ firm has claimed.

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