Public toilets vandlised on Halloween night will cost £30,000 to fix

Ratepayers will be forced to fork out more than £30,000 to fix a public toilet in Coalisland town centre after vandals set fire to the facility on Halloween night.

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Coalisland children take part in Ógras Youth Club summer scheme

More than 130 youngsters have taken part in each day of Ógras Youth Club’s annual summer scheme in Coalisland.

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Assembly elections: Mid Ulster analysis

Sinn Féin and SDLP are on the hunt for an extra seat in Mid Ulster, while the established unionist parties fend off competition from the TUV. But will there be any impact on the political makeup of the constituency?

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Coalisland candidates nominated for elections

ELECTION fever is to hit Coalisland as candidates for both the Stormont Assembly and Dungannon Council scramble for your votes.

Voting for both the Assembly elections and Dungannon Council will take place on Thursday May 5 2011 ­– on the same date as the Westminster referendum.

And Coalisland will be a hive of political posturing as ten of the candidates across the elections hail from the area.

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