Brackaville puppy ‘shot with air rifle’ dies

A seven-month-old puppy has died after being shot in Brackaville with an air rifle.

Male terrier Geno was found whimpering and covered in blood on a homeowner’s doorstep after being shot late at night in the Brackaville area of Coalisland.

It was thought the puppy would make a full recovery from the gunshot wound, but was put to sleep by vets several days later after the dog developed a virus.

The RSPCA and police officers are said to be investigating the puppy’s death.

The attack happened some time after 11.30pm on Sunday, October 9 in Brackaville, near Primate Dixon primary school and St Joseph’s College.

Geno’s owner, Stella-maria Corr, had fed the puppy for the night – but the dog was later shot with what is believed to be an air rifle.

Geno was found by Ms Corr’s neighbour crying in pain on her doorstep, with his snow-white fur covered in blood.

Ms Corr said: “He had went to her door in the middle of the night, she heard him crying and took him in. She saw that he was covered in blood, she washed him and gave him some pain killers.”

The concerned neighbour returned Geno to Ms Corr early the next morning at about 9am.

Ms Corr said: “I then took Geno to the vet’s where he spent the day having x-rays, having the wound cleaned.”

Vets prescribed Geno with a 10-day plan of antibiotics and pain killers.

Speaking before his death, a worried Ms Corr said: “He’s not his self at all – he’s very withdrawn. He’s a very friendly wee dog.”

The puppy was allowed to return home and was expected to make a full recovery. But Geno was put to sleep by vets several days later after the dog developed parvo.

Ms Corr is said to have taken her puppy’s death especially hard.

Her friend, Paul Gribbin, called the attack on the puppy “mindless”, and vowed that those who carried out the shooting would be found.

The furniture manufacturer said: “If you’re out there, don’t think you’re going to get away with this. The police and the RSPCA are on this. You won’t get away with this.”

Anyone with information should contact the PSNI or the RSPCA


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