Caught on camera: Coalisland through the lens of Google Street View

A man drinking a pint on the kerb, an untethered horse, and a dog doing a paw-stand – Just some of the images of Coalisland captured on Google Maps.

Coalisland Post has taken a virtual tour through the streets of the town to pick out the intriguing people – and animals – immortalised online through Google Street View.

The online application from the search engine giant presents a snapshot of Coalisland life through multiple 360-degree photos that map out our roads.

Scroll down to browse through the interesting pics taken from Street View. Though faces are blurred, perhaps you will recognise someone you know:

Two Action MS volunteers snapped collecting money in Coalisland town centre. Did Google’s employees dig out some change for charity?
A man spotted drinking a pint at the side of the street in Seagrave Terrace
One ladder-carrying lad gives a thumbs up as the Google Street View car passes through Canal Quay
A foal trots along untethered at the entrance to Ardnaskea Park on Stewartstown Road
Tradesmen shift some timber at Innishmore Park on Annagher Road
Having a yarn: (Left to right) A man and a woman snapped chatting on Barrack Street, and a man talks to a motorist on Stewartstown Road
This dog at Innishmore Park can’t help but kick up its heels at the sight of Google’s Street View car
(Left to right) Walkers snapped along Brackaville Road, Kettle Lane, Chestnut Hill and Washing Bay Road
Two dogs peer out at distant fields off Gortgonis Road


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