Christian group: ‘Please pray for us – we’re heading to Coalisland’

We all know Coalisland can sometimes be a hellish place, but one religious group appeared more fearful than most when travelling to our little town.

Armagh-based religious group Give Way To Jesus asked Facebook friends to PRAY for them as they set off to spread the good news across Coalisland – ominously adding that there was “no turning back”.

The Facebook status update read: “Keep us in your prayers as we head to Coalisland today spreading the Good News, we have decided to follow Jesus…no turning back.”

The Give Way to Jesus group asked for prayers ahead of their trip to Coalisland

The probably unintentional double meaning to the message, posted on Saturday, received 13 ‘likes’ of appreciation from the group’s social network followers.

Give Way To Jesus have so far not responded to Coalisland Post on whether they were actually worried about travelling to the murky streets of our town.


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