Council pledges £2,000 to tackle Halloween anti-social behaviour in Coalisland

Dungannon council has set aside £2,000 of funding in a bid to tackle the annual problem of anti-social behaviour in Coalisland at Halloween.

The funds will be used stage a “Halloween event” in the town in an effort to combat anti-social behaviour.

The council said it was working with statutory agencies, local traders and the PSNI to help tackle the problem.

Last Halloween vandals set fire to a public toilet in the town centre, causing more than £30,000 of damage.

Youths had placed tyres against the entrance to the £100,000 facility before lighting a rope attached to the doorway.

The gang then hurled stones at firefighters who arrived at the scene to extinguish the flames.

The funding for this year’s Halloween event was approved at Dungannon council’s Strategic Development Committee on September 17.

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