CRAIC fundraiser planned after skylight thieves steal youth theatre funds

CRAIC fundraiser planned after skylight thieves steal youth theatre fundsCRAIC Theatre is to hold an urgent fundraising drive after thieves stole vital funds in a “meticulously planned burglary”.

Two safes containing “substantial” sums of money were stolen after thieves broke into the Coalisland theatre through a rooftop skylight.

The stolen money had been locked away by CRAIC members to fund its youth drama group’s annual pantomime.

A special movie night will be held on Thursday, October 4 to help replenish the stolen funds.

CRAIC Theatre’s Oliver Corr told Coalisland Post: “It’s a disgrace what happened and those that did it have committed a crime against the whole community.”

Mr Corr said the burglary in the early hours of Sunday, September 16 had been “meticulously planned”.

In a message to CRAIC Theatre supporters on Facebook, Mr Corr said: “The money stolen was to be used to fund our youth drama’s annual pantomime.

“As you can imagine this is money that the theatre can ill afford to lose.

“We are running this movie night to help replenish what the thieves stole.”

Calamity Jane will be screened at CRAIC Theatre on Thursday, October 4, at 8pm to help raise funds following the burglary


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