8 predictions about Craic Theatre’s controversial new psychic show

Coalisland Post dusts off its crystal ball and whips out the ouija board to reveal what lies in store for Craic theatre’s divisive December 6 psychic show, which has angered some Christians in the town.

1. Belfast-based psychic medium Claire Ziritt will be there

2. Mystic Meg however, won’t be making an appearance

3. Neither will Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah

…though you might see him in Brackaville searching for the Coalisland ghost

4. Ziritt will hold ‘demonstrations of mediumship’ to access the ‘spirit world’

…but it probably won’t look anything like Ghostbusters.

5. Curious punters in attendance will leave relatively entertained

6. But some locals will remain firmly against the show, branding it ‘demonic’ and ‘satanic’

Some say the show is at odds with Christian morals, while others fear it could affect the bereaved and those with mental health issues.

One letter to written to express opposition read:

“Much of the psychic world is caught up in satanic worship and I don’t think you as an arts centre would willingly open up members of the community to such experiences.”

Another said:

“It is not fun, not entertainment but dangerous and can cause great problems in people’s lives, even full demonic possession and suicide.”

7. People will gossip over the news headlines

>Belfast Telegraph

>Tyrone Herald

>Tyrone Times

8. However, protests on this impressive scale are unlikely:

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