Daniel Newman: 5 reasons to love the Coalisland country crooner

A light-hearted celebration of the popular country singer ahead of his charity Christmas concert at Craic Theatre.

Daniel Newman has amassed a strong fanbase thanks to his catchy songs and energetic performances.

The 20-something Coalisland singer rose in popularity earlier this year after releasing his earworm country tune Bring Back Your Love – and its entertaining music video.

Inspired by this typically country music video, here’s our jovial list of reasons to love Coalisland’s very own Philomena Begley.


1. That catchy refrain stuck in your head

…and the hand gestures to help you bop along to it.


2. The point

Everyone loves a good point, and none moreso than Daniel Newman.


3. The passion

No-one feels those lyrics like Daniel Newman.


4. MORE passion!


5. The eternal question on everyone’s lips

As the popularity of Irish country music continues to grow, Daniel Newman is bound to have even greater success in the near future.

The singer is scheduled perform a Christmas concert with special guests at the Craic Theatre on Friday December 20.

His new album is available now – visit his website for details.


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