English mum appeals for help in tracing Coalisland ancestry

An English mum whose great-grandparents originated from the Coalisland area has appealed for help in tracing her ancestry.

Mother-of-two Verity Campbell, from the West Midlands in England, discovered her great-grandparents moved from the Coalisland/Dungannon area to Scotland, before her grandparents then settled in England.

The 38-year-old wants to find out about where her great-grandparents spent their childhood and early adult life, and why they decided to make the move to Scotland at the beginning of the 20th Century.

Verity’s great-grandfather, James Patrick Campbell, in 1946, at the age of about 74

Verity’s great-grandfather, James campbell, was born in Coalisland on December 8, 1872. His parents are believed to be Mark Campbell and Eliza Coary.

James had two sisters and one brother –  Mary Campbell, born in Coalisland on December 25, 1870; Patrick Campbell, born on March 6, 1875; and Jane Campbell, born on September 30, 1877 in Dernagh.

James Campbell married Sarah Mallon at St Patrick’s Church, Dungannon in 1902, at the age of about 30.

His wife Sarah was born in Tyrone on March 13, 1877, marrying James at the age of about 25. Her parents were Bernard Mallon, born in Beechvalley, and Sarah McCrory.

Sarah had four siblings – Margaret Mallon, born in 1872 in Belfast; Jane Mallon, born in 1873 in Dungannon; Mary Anne Mallon, born in 1875 in Tyrone; and John Mallon, born in Dungannon in 1879.

By 1904, James and Sarah moved to Coatbridge, Scotland, and had started a family of their own.

James and Sarah’s son, Charles – Verity’s grandfather – later left Scotland with Verity’s grandmother and settled in the West Midlands.

Verity, a mother of two boys, said:  “I know that either James’s parents or Sarah’s parents stayed in Dungannon, maybe even both sets of parents did. I wonder if any of your readers have any further information or are maybe descendants of any of the people named.

“The surnames connected to me are Campbell, Coary, Mallon and McCrory.”

Ms Campbell hopes to visit the Dungannon area in the near future if she gathers enough information about her family tree.

If you have any information relating to Verity’s search, email [email protected] and we will pass it on, or tweet @Veza_C to contact Verity directly




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