Live blog: Public meeting on drugs in Coalisland

Residents in Coalisland are to gather this evening for a further public meeting to discuss how to tackle drugs in the town – and Coalisland Post will be covering the debate live.

The latest meeting on drugs in Coalisland will be held in St Patrick’s Hall, Barrack Street, today (March 30) at 7pm.

Coalisland Post will be there to report on the event as the panel discuss how to stop the town’s growing drugs problem.

Follow our live blog below or through our Twitter account to get the latest on the debate.

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, the identities of anyone speaking from the audience will remain anonymous throughout the live updates.

If you can’t make it to the public meeting, you can still join the discussion by getting in touch through Twitter, Facebook, and here on the website.

>‘Our young people will be taken away and kneecapped’: Fears of vigilantism as drugs problem sweeps through Coalisland

You can join the debate by leaving a comment below, by tweeting @coalislandpost or by using the Twitter hashtag #coalisland

Live blog: Public meeting on drugs in Coalisland

Storified by Brendan Hughes · Fri, Apr 06 2012 16:28:23

Missed last night’s public meeting on drugs in Coalisland? Here’s our report: ‘Time to take back the town’: #coalislandCoalisland
‘Time to take back the town’: Crowds attend public meeting to tackle drug dealing in Coalisland
RT @bighomeless: Go to the likes of @tipsamidulster to get proper understanding at what they are dealing with..less panicking #coalislandCoalisland
RT @hazard39: @coalislandpost cheers for the updates #coalislandCoalisland
@otisbragg What’s this about Ty Times? Full report on website later #coalislandCoalisland
Thanks for tuning in – round-up report on the website later #coalislandCoalisland
Town of 5000 and 150 people here. Take back town march. #coalislandCoalisland
Your being here says alot Fr. Paul Burn. Disappointing no media attendance? 🙂 #coalislandCoalisland
March needed. 15 yr old drug dealers. Next meeting at drug dealers houses? Action needed? #coalislandCoalisland
Coalisland cares logo. Sign up to campain sheets to be provided. Help needed. Gaa . Ideas #coalislandCoalisland
Speakers include local priest and ministers. Do we need vigilanties? Local vandalism. 10% of local deaths suicides #coalislandCoalisland
Speaker i have had a gun pointed at me to do with drugs. Local parent my child needs drugs . #coalislandCoalisland
Live blog: Coalisland meeting on town’s drugs problem, St Patrick’s Hall, Barrack Street. Follow here:
RT @bighomeless: what evidence is there that there is crystal meth in coalisland, how can there be? they’ve mixed it up #coalislandCoalisland
Breakthru dungannon provide great help and have done. What else can be done? #coalislandCoalisland
Giving drink to young people a problem. Drugs and dealers real problem #coalislandCoalisland
@tyronebhoy71 Here you go:
People start to leave. take a sheet of info #coalislandCoalisland
Support centre needed dropin for parents & people who need help. Pub with no beer used again? Community needed. Regeneration needed #coa …Coalisland
Tweet any questions you have and will try to get them asked #coalislandCoalisland
Bag of coke found in chapel carpark. Drugs being taken in parks at night by kids. Dealer target drunk kids. #coalislandCoalisland
Police not in attendance. What are our council doing and political representatives? #coalislandCoalisland
Local parent talks about child on crystal meth i dont want my child to die #coalislandCoalisland
Police cant touch people under 18? Lack of police action? #coalislandCoalisland
Police not quick enough to respond. Not enough drugs education in schools. #coalislandCoalisland
Group discussion phone police. People should not be afraid. Report all issues. #coalislandCoalisland
Name users or dealers? Kids 13yrs #coalislandCoalisland
Name and shame drug dealers? #coalislandCoalisland
Legalise drug & deal with issues? #coalislandCoalisland
What is your story or view? Public speak #coalislandCoalisland
Reclaim ownership of town #coalislandCoalisland
Drugs an issue for us all meeting underway #coalislandCoalisland
Large crowd #coalislandCoalisland
A meeting on drugs in Coalisland will be held in St Patrick’s Hall, Barrack Street, today at 7pm #coalisland


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