More Coalisland businesses join bilingual signage scheme – pictures

A further four businesses in Coalisland have joined a bilingual signage scheme promoting the Irish language in the town.

CRAIC Theatre, Eden Blooms, The Mill Court and Pressed for Time have all created new signs and business materials displaying both Irish and English as part of the Gnó Means Business project.

It brings the total number of local businesses involved in the scheme to seven, placing the Coalisland and Clonoe area at the top of the list of towns in the North displaying bilingual signage.

Other traders in the area have also expressed an interest in the match-funding scheme, which aims to increase the practical use of the Irish language in the business sector.

Foras na Gaeilge, which has led the project, said the volume of Irish signs visible in Coalisland showed the importance of the language to people in the area.

“The community as a whole benefit from the use of bilingual signage and business material, as the visual nature of the  scheme encourages those who have a ‘cúpla focal’ to use this in their day-to-day activities,” a spokesman said.

“This is especially relevant in areas like Coalisland and Clonoe, where there is already a vibrant Irish speaking community of all ages.”

He added: “While promoting and sustaining this interest in the language, the Gnó Means Business scheme also helps to create an awareness of the Irish language and culture for those in the area who might not yet have had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with it.

“Such has been the success of this scheme to date locally, that several other local business owners have expressed interest in ‘signing up’ to this bilingual initiative, as a practical and indeed productive, business tool.”

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