Step right up! Circus returns to Coalisland after five-year absence

Tom Duffy’s Circus is set to return to Coalisland for the first time in over five years.

The big top will be set up at the parish centre car park on Monday, May 28 and Tuesday, May 29 for the troupe’s latest production, Absolutely Circus.

The show will contain animals including bengal tigers, lions, palomino stallions, llamas and zebras.

To celebrate the Chinese year of the Dragon, the Che-Che-Haw troupe will perform a presentation of traditional Chinese Culture, featuring Chinese lions, a Chinese dragon and a thrilling pole act.

The Duffy troupe’s traditional bareback horse riders will also perform as part of the show – an act which can trace its way back to the very foundation of Duffy’s Circus over 200 years ago.

And Chinese acrobats will somersault and twist through the air in a flying trapeze performance.

They will also perform the triple passage – a first for Ireland – where three members of the troupe fly through the air at the same time.

Duffy’s Circus has been touring Ireland for over 200 years and is now supported and funded by the Arts Council of Ireland.

Tickets are available from, Ticketmaster or by calling 0844 4870208.


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