Survey results: Coalisland shop-front facelifts score ‘below average’

Coalisland shoppers seem less than impressed with the shop-front makeovers given to businesses in the town, a snapshot survey has suggested.

Dungannon councillors shelled out almost £50,000 in grants to 18 Coalisland businesses as part of their Shop Front Enhancement Programme.

But the pricey makeovers have recieved a lukewarm reaction from shoppers, scoring only 2.44 out of five on average for their shop-front touch-ups.

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A snapshot survey to gauge public reaction was carried out by Coalisland Post after Dungannon Council revealed the amounts of money each business received to carry out shop-front changes.

CRAIC, which received a £3,185 grant to touch-up its theatre entrance, came out on top in our poll with an above-average score of 3.45 out of five.

Pizza Base came in second place after scoring 3.13 for its £2,865 makeover, while Café Fresh completed the top three with a three-out-of-five £2,675 facelift.

But shoppers seem less than impressed that £1,140 was spent on a vacant property, giving the investment the joint-lowest score of 1.5 out of five.

The Shop Front Enhancement Programme was funded through the Department for Social Development’s Neighbourhood Renewal Scheme. Grants were capped at 50% of eligible works, up to a maximum of £4,000.

But businesses receiving the maximum £4,000 had mixed fortunes in our poll.

O’Neill’s Bar, with its elaborate medieval makeover, managed fourth place with a score of 2.91 out of a possible five.

Meanwhile LMG Tiles’ £4,000 investment only received a below-average two out of four.

Dungannon Council say the investment programme was a success, claiming the scheme has brought £106,000 of private-sector investment to the town.

According to a council evaluation of the scheme, the overall physical appearance of the townscape has been improved.

Businesses have also reported enhanced accessibility, footfall and sales as a result of the programme.

Mayor Kenneth Reid said: “We are delighted with the overall success of the programme.

“The funding offered an incentive to shop owners to invest in their own properties and by doing so improve and enhance the overall attractiveness of the streetscape.”


Shop-front facelifts, from most to least popular:
Average Score
(out of five)
CRAIC Theatre (63-70 CoalislandEnterpriseCentre) £3,185
Pizza Base (44a The Square, Coalisland) £2,865
Café Fresh £2,675
O’Neill’s Public Bar (26 The Square Coalisland) £4,000
No.5 (5 Lineside, Coalisland) £2,900
Tyrone Trims (21 Barrack Street, Coalisland) £2,090
The Pine Box (44 The Square, Coalisland) £2,865
The Perfect Gift (40 Dungannon Road, Coalisland) £1,230
O’Neill’s Pharmacy (22-26 Main Street, Coalisland) £4,000
Hair Design (23 Barrack Street, Coalisland) £2,775
Pizza Shop (1 Barrack Street, Coalisland) £3,975
Fringes (39 Dungannon Road, Coalisland) £3,940
LMG Tiles (10 Lineside Coalisland) £4,000
Magoos Amusements (14 Main Street, Coalisland) £3,850
Pressed For Time (4 Main Street, Coalisland) £350
EdenBlooms (2 Main Street, Coalisland) £350
Mill Court Restaurant(40 Main Street, Coalisland) £1,125
Vacant Property (41aDungannon Road, Coalisland) £1,140

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