SDLP Game of Thrones

Chairperson of the SDLP in Coalisland, Malachy Quinn, gives his opinion on the party’s new leadership contest

Filming has begun in Belfast for the second season of HBO series Game Of Thrones, but come November Belfast will play host to a another battle, indeed a second battle for the leadership throne in the SDLP.

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Assembly elections: Mid Ulster analysis

Sinn Féin and SDLP are on the hunt for an extra seat in Mid Ulster, while the established unionist parties fend off competition from the TUV. But will there be any impact on the political makeup of the constituency?

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Dungannon council elections: Torrent analysis

A total of nine candidates in the Torrent electoral area are vying for your vote for next week’s Dungannon Council elections . Who is in the running for the six seats, and what are their chances?

Dungannon council election candidates for 2011

The nine candidates running for election to Dungannon Council in the Torrent area

Dungannon Council elections 2011

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