Canal group opposes Lineside supermarket

  • Revised plans submitted after developers buy out objecting architects

The Coalisland Canal committee have made a formal objection to the Lineside supermarket proposals after developers submitted revised plans for their grocery superstore.

Resubmitted plans show the new, glass-fronted supermarket stretching across the Lineside, with an enlarged parking area.

The Coalisland branch of the Inland Waterways Association of Ireland (IWAI) say plans to build a two-lane roundabout at the entrance to the new supermarket could impact upon the canal basin.

They join several concerned homeowners in Mourne Crescent and a critical report from a planning consultancy firm in opposing the build.

Roy Wilkins, secretary of the IWAI Coalisland Canal branch, said in a letter of objection on behalf of the group: “We would wish to lodge our objection as the drawing would appear to show the site boundary encroaching unnecessarily into the area of the canal basin.”

The revised plan shows the supermarket building stretch along the Lineside

Rossdale Developments Ltd submitted new plans to build a Newell Stores supermarket on the site of the disused Lineside egg store last year – but now appear to have significantly changed their proposals.

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Planning documents show a newly designed roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre, creating two-lanes of road traffic in places, traffic islands and zebra crossings.

The supermarket building design itself has been altered so that it can be pushed back to run along the bank next to Mourne Crescent, instead of standing on its own.

Coalisland’s seventh roundabout could have two lanes of traffic, zebra crossings and traffic islands as developers fight to control road congestion

And the entrance to the car park next to the public toilets would be cut off as part of the major new road layout.

The plans have been drawn up by Clarman Architects – the same company that previously criticised the supermarket proposals as creating a “serious hazard” in the town.

Car parking facilities now snake across the length of the canal after developers secured a deal to demolish the offices of Clarman Architects and several neighbouring homes.

Clarman Architects previously submitted a formal letter listing 21 objections to the planned supermarket development, saying the level of car parking planned was only half of what was required.

The developers secured a deal to demolish the offices of Clarman Architects and several neighbouring homes to create more parking spaces (click to enlarge)

The new plans create extra parking spaces in a bid to see off the criticisms made by planning experts and concerned residents.

Kieran Donnelly, of the environmental health department at Dungannon council, has requested that any planning permission is withheld until noise, air quality and contaminated land impact reports have been submitted.

Homeowners have until Tuesday, February 7 to submit any further comments about the proposals.

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