Children’s Irish-language novel to launch in Coalisland

An Irish-language novel for children is to be launched at Coalisland Library next week.

Ciara Chainteach will be launched at the town’s library on Saturday, October 22 at 2.30pm. Attendees at the free event will have the opportunity to meet the book’s author, María Boden.

The children’s novel, illustrated by Carol Betera, tells the story of an extremely talkative little girl named Ciara who has too much to say – until she meets a new friend.

Author María said: “Ciara Chainteach is my first book but hope to write more in the future.”

María Boden graduated in 2005 from Queen’s University, Belfast, after studying a joint Irish and Spanish degree. She qualified as a teacher in 2006 after completing a PGCE in modern languages. She also finished a masters in modern Irish translation studies in 2010.

María said: “The book is about a little girl who talks too much but then meets a new friend and learns how important it is to listen.

“The book is written in Irish, but sees Ciara learning some basic Spanish words also.”

María has worked in various Irish and English-medium secondary and primary schools.

She joined the Regional Primary Languages Programme in June 2008 as a peripatetic Irish and Spanish tutor and trainer. She currently teaches Irish and Spanish in nine schools, and adult night classes in the Omagh area.

She also works as an Irish language and dance teacher in the Gaeltacht College at Rannafast every summer.

Contact Coalisland Library on 028 8774 0569 or email [email protected] for more information on the book launch.



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