Checkout wars: Now plans for a FOURTH ‘supermarket’ in Coalisland emerge

Plans for what could be Coalisland’s fourth supermarket have been sent to the planning authority for approval.

Developers hope to convert the existing fireplace showroom on Brackaville Road so that it includes a new grocery superstore, filling station and jetwash.

The plans come as the DOE moves to consider proposals for a Newell Stores supermarket along the Lineside.

If both sets of plans were approved, the total number of supermarkets in Coalisland would double to four superstores – and the number of food convenience stores would increase to about seven.

The new Brackaville supermarket proposals were submitted to the planning authority by the applicant,  Eugene Treanor, on Wednesday, October 5.

The plans describe the development as a “proposed re-development of existing showroom to provide new supermarket, filling station, forecourt canopy and jetwash”. Planning documents however suggest a relatively modest convenience store development, similar to Annagher Service Station.

The proposed Brackaville supermarket, as viewed from Brackaville Road in Coalisland

Neighbours have been notified of the plans. They must make their views heard by Friday, October 21, while the consultation period will end for all parties on Thursday, October 27.

A total of eight staff members are expected to be employed on the site, while the development is set to attract about 180 customers each day.

The whole building’s surface area would increase from 476.5m sq to 666.3m sq. Documents also propose a forecourt canopy for petrol pumps and a jetwash area.

Floor plan of the proposed supermarket (Click to enlarge)

The new proposals come as Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site on the Lineside.

The divisive development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups.

But the plans have been scaled back and were resubmitted for consideration on Thursday, September 15.

Final consultations on the development will be received later in the week before the Newell Stores plan goes before the DOE and Dungannon Council for approval.


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What do you think about the latest proposals? Is this a welcome new development for the town? Will this develop competition among convenience stores in Coalisland? Let us know your views by commenting below


6 Comments on “Checkout wars: Now plans for a FOURTH ‘supermarket’ in Coalisland emerge”

  1. Patrick McCormack says:

    Neighbours have NOT been notified – I live on Kettle Lane, and had to hear via rumour – NO official notice was given about this project, which would sit right on the back on my home

  2. john hughes says:

    i am another neighbour who was not notifed at no 1 redrow   john hughes

  3. Imeldabradley2 says:

    i am another who was not notified at no 4 redrow  imelda hughes

  4. Eimear Hughes says:

    Myself nor any resident in Kettle Lane have been notified of this ridiculous proposal! I find it quite astonishing that it states on the planning application for this so called ‘supermarket’ that neighbours have been notified, this statement is far from true! Eimear Hughes (Kettle Lane/Red Row)

  5. I’ll be checking with the DOE to see what they have to say – will keep you all posted

  6. conserned says:

    i wonder how many of our so called rep will grt on this band wagon not to hard to guess.
    all the usual knowe it alls


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