Coalisland: 8 things we learned in 2013

As 2013 comes to a close, we take a look back at what we’ve learned about the Coalisland area over the past year.


1. Coalisland folk like albino ferrets

We posted this pic of a white ferret found wandering around Coalisland on our Facebook page and within minutes, the owner had been found.

The owner said their tame ferret had managed to travel a few miles in the space of an hour-and-a-half.

Should Coalisland Post be renamed Coalisland Pets?


2. There’ll soon be more off-licences in Coalisland than people, apparently

We revealed that O’Neill’s bar plans to transform part of its premises into a new off-licence.

But the proposal has been met with strong criticism from the owners of a rival off-licence in the town.

And the developing battle of the boozers inspired bloggers Tyrone Tribulations to write their article, ‘More off-licences than people in Coalisland’.

How will it all end? Find out in 2014! (Hint: Probably with a carry-out)


3. Clonoe knows how to celebrate

There were great scenes of celebration in Clonoe when the O’Rahilly’s triumphed over Carrickmore to become the 2013 Tyrone champions.

A 7,000-strong crowd watched the GAA senior football championship final in Omagh’s Healy Park on October 13:


4. Psychics in Coalisland concerns some Christians

Coalisland hit the headlines after some Christians in the town were angered by Craic theatre’s plans for a psychic medium show.

Inspired by this, we dusted off our crystal ball and whipped out the ouija board to reveal what lay in store for the divisive show.


5. There’s a larra larra love in Coalisland for Daniel Newman 

We celebrated the town’s popular twentysomething country crooner with a collection of gifs – and many of you seemed to enjoy our light-hearted tribute.

No-one points quite like Daniel Newman:

Soon after this was posted, Daniel released a wee Christmas message to his fans. Coincidence? Probably!


6. Many Coalisland drivers cannot park

Easy..easy does it. Ah Jayz, I’ll just park over two spaces!

The thought process of manys a Coalisland motorist, according to our Facebook page at least.

Earlier in December we launched our ‘I park like an idiot’ Facebook album – and we’ve already received quite a few entries.

No doubt parking will continue to be a bugbear for many drivers in the town, so keep sending in your snaps by emailing [email protected] or PM us on Facebook or Twitter.


7. Even burglars need to wash their clothes

Most burglars these days tend to aim for the laptops, mobile phones and other electronics that can easily be sold on – but not in Clonoe.

Earlier this year thieves pilfered a washing machine from a house in Clonoe.

They also snatched some heating oil during the burglary in the Cloghog Road area.

Each to their own..

8. Removed.

And with that, our look back at the Coalisland locality in 2013 comes to a close.

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