Coalisland baby born on 12/12/12 – at 12pm

Coalisland baby born on 12/12/12 - at 12pmThe arrival of your first-born child is a special day for every parent, but that treasured moment was extra special for one Coalisland couple.

Aidan and Cathy Kerr’s baby boy Noah was born on what is regarded by many as the luckiest date of the century – 12/12/12.

And little Noah’s remarkable good fortune didn’t end there – because he arrived into the world shortly after 12pm.

Noah was delivered at Craigavon Area Hospital at 12.20pm on Wednesday, December 12.

Noah Kerr

Noah Kerr was born at 12.20pm on Wednesday, December 12

The last triple-number date of the century is considered lucky in some parts of the world and reportedly triggered a surge in weddings and marriage proposals.

Noah’s proud father Aidan said: “The whole thing was just crazy. It was all just completely crazy, but it has been brilliant.

“He’s as quiet as a mouse. He’s only wakening to get his dinner. He’s a real Kerr – just too lazy to squeal.”

Noah’s unusual birth date however began with some bad luck when expectant mother Cathy was taken to hospital after slipping on ice outside her home in Loughview Gardens.

Medical staff treated the 25-year-old, who works as an accountant at Corr & Corr in the town centre, for torn ligaments in her right leg.

Aidan, 33, who works as a joiner at Western Building Systems, rushed to visit Cathy in the hospital after hearing about her fall.

He said: “I was worried. You just think what way did she fall, but luckily she just ripped her ligaments.”

But the worry continued for Aidan – after Cathy went into labour.

Aidan said: “I left her in the hospital, and then she rang me and said she was going into labour, so the whole thing was just crazy.”

The couple, who married in September 2011, were delighted when their baby Noah Aidan Kerr was delivered, weighing 8lb 15 ½ oz.

In another lucky twist of fate, Cathy’s uncle Stephen O’Neill was able to predict her baby would be a boy.

He sent his prediction in a text message to Cathy’s mum just four seconds after little Noah arrived into the world.

Aidan said: “He sent a message saying he was up in the graveyard, he saw four magpies, and he said, ‘It’s going to be a boy.’

“Four seconds after he was born he sent this – it was pure crazy.”

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