Coalisland supermarket war heats up as Springisland applies for booze licence

Competition between Coalisland’s grocery stores is set to intensify as Springisland supermarket plans to open its own in-store off-licence.

The town’s convenience store has applied for a licence to sell alcohol in a bid to win more customers.

The development will further heighten competition with rival store Supervalu at the opposite end of the town, which already has an off-licence located within a short walking distance.

But both businesses face a big challenge for market dominance as plans to build a Newell Stores along the Lineside progress.

Proposals submitted by Springisland owner Peter Rice show the newspaper, magazine and confectionery section to the left corner of the store would be converted into a self-contained off-licence area.

The newspaper, magazine and confectionery section of the store would be converted into a self-contained off-licence area

Customers would enter through gates to stock up on booze before paying at a small checkout area.

The consultation period on the proposals will end on March 6.

Mr Rice’s plans come as developers seek approval to build a Newell Stores supermarket on the site of the disused Lineside egg store.

The latest proposals show a glass-fronted supermarket stretching across the Lineside, with a large parking area and ATM facilities.

Rossdale Developments also plan to build a new roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre, creating two lanes of road traffic in places, traffic islands and zebra crossings.

The Coalisland Canal committee had made a formal objection to the Lineside supermarket proposals, but are understood to have backed down following a meeting with the developers.

>Planning application

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5 Comments on “Coalisland supermarket war heats up as Springisland applies for booze licence”

  1. sadfather says:

    yet another place not content to stick to their own trade,off selling food.greed for money must be a terrible thing.yet another place for the youth off the town to get cheap?drink from.

  2. Linemypocketandiamyours says:

    let me see the Lineside n coalsialnd must be one of the hot spots of the town… sinn fein have been told the police have been told SO i know what lets build a super market that extendsin to the lineside i;e carpark at clarman and then sell beer right beside it…….. i am waitiing on chief wigam to come out and say that coalisland is now cabot covet…due to legal raseons told to me by jermerty kyle i am unable to name the youngsters as they shall be appearing on his show next week ps the producers of the estate passed coalaisland as they thought that noone would belive the antisocial goings on in the area..sorry i need to cut thos short as i think some upstanding individiaual of the osland is stealing my wheelie bin

  3. Disgraceful says:

    People crying out about drugs when this is the real problem. How many places will that be now to get alcohol in this small town? Drug dealers told to get out and threatened with their lives while these gangsters in suits do more harm to not just our young people but everyone in this town. 

    • Scuzzi100 says:

       get a grip…drug dealers are a scourge..your post sounds sinister…are you one??

  4. Eirefinty says:

    Youth wont be able to buy alcohol, its not that easy! newell stores being built is the best thing to happen the lineside, druggies out


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