Councillors reject Coalisland street trading plans

Proposals to licence three new areas for street trading in Coalisland have been rejected by councillors.

A section of the Coalisland Enterprise Centre, Canal Park, and the strip of land outside shops along the Lineside had all been proposed as new areas for street trading in the town.

But councillors decided none of the areas were suitable as permanent street trading locations after consulting with businesses and householders in the area.

The proposals were discussed late last month by Torrent area councillors.

Lineside business owners expressed concern to councillors over the plans, saying the area proposed was mostly used as a convenient parking facility.

They said street trading along the Lineside should only go ahead if it did not interfere with the normal working hours of their businesses.

Councillors decided to reject the Lineside proposals on the grounds that it would inconvenience people using the street and footpath, impede on sight lines, and would encourage motorists to park along the road.

Businesses at Coalisland Enterprise Centre and the centre’s owners, the Coalisland and District Development Association, were also unsupportive of street trading proposals.

And the section of Canal Park considered for street trading was rejected by councillors, considering a forthcoming planning application for the council-owned land.

Councillors did however suggest the land could be used by independent stall holders for street trading purposes under a temporary licence.


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