DOE says sorry to Brackaville residents

The DOE has apologised to homeowners after sending letters that claimed controversial plans for a new supermarket and filling station in Brackaville had failed.

Concerned householders were relieved when they received a DOE letter claiming the Brackaville Road grocery store and filling station proposals were rejected, as the applicant had failed to provide further environmental information within a specified time period.

But the planning authority has been forced to apologise to residents, saying the letter was “sent in error” and the plans are still being considered.

In a new letter explaining the situation, the Western Area Planning Office said: “Due to an administrative error the wrong acknowledgement template was selected and I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

“Please note that the agent to date has not been requested to submit further environmental information nor has the application deemed to have failed.

“The proposal is still under consideration by the Department and careful consideration will be given to your views before a decision has been made.”

Homeowners received the letter of apology on Wednesday, November 23 – two weeks after the misleading correspondence was received.

The plans describe the development as a “proposed re-development of existing showroom to provide new supermarket, filling station, forecourt canopy and jetwash”. Planning documents suggested a relatively modest convenience store development, similar to Annagher Service Station.

Residents from several neighbouring properties quickly responded with angry letters of objection.

Many fear the petrol station development would cause cracks and structural damage to their homes if a piling process were to take place.

Concerns over privacy, air and noise pollution, and increased dangers to children walking to the nearby schools have also been raised.

And several letters criticised the DOE and the developers for failing to inform them of the proposals.

>New Brackaville supermarket planning application in full

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