Done deal: Lineside supermarket developers buy out objecting architects

The Lineside supermarket developers have struck a deal to demolish the offices of an architect who previously criticised their plans, making way for extra grocery-store parking.

Rossdale Developments Ltd have secured the neighbouring Lineside House, the offices of Clarman Architects, following weeks of negotiation.

Clarman Architects previously submitted a formal letter listing 21 objections to the planned supermarket development, saying the proposals could create a “serious hazard” in the town.

The plans seek permission to demolish Lineside House to make way for additional parking facilities for the proposed Newell Stores supermarket.
Rossdale Developments Ltd director Vincent Donnelly confirmed to Coalisland Post last month that the company had made an offer to buy out Clarman Architects.
He said he was now “100% confident” that the Newell Stores plans would be approved.

The controversial plans to build a Newell Stores supermarket on the site of the disused Lineside egg store were sent back to the design stage after the planning authority raised several concerns over the proposals.

Earlier this month, a planning consultancy firm slammed the DOE for its handling of the proposals, accusing the department of being ”negligent from the outset”.

Homeowners in Mourne Crescent submitted objections to the plans, revealing they have launched legal action against the developers.

A snapshot survey carried out by Coalisland Post suggested more than four in every five householders in the town are against plans to build a new supermarket at the Lineside.

>Demolition planning application

>Supermarket planning application

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