‘Parking in Coalisland is beyond a joke’: Driver’s outrage after motorist reverses into his parked car – and then speeds off

A furious driver has told how a motorist in Coalisland reversed into his parked car – and then drove off without checking for damage.

The vehicle caused a “loud bang” as it reversed into the front of the driver’s parked car along Main Street.

However, the motorist simply sped off instead of stopping to check for any damage.

The Coalisland driver was returning to his car parked along Main Street when he noticed another vehicle parked in front drive off.

The 30-year-old, who did not wish to be named, said: 

“When I got in the car my partner was repeating the reg number as she wrote it into her phone.

“She explained that the car in front had backed up all the way into our car, paused then drove off.

“I was shocked – who does that kind of thing? My partner said they paused as though they knew what they had done. She said there was a loud bang.”

The driver said he was nearly a metre between the cars when he parked behind the other vehicle on Wednesday December 18 at about 5.30pm.

He said he was relieved to find that his car did not appear to be damaged in the incident.

It comes as Coalisland Post readers highlight some examples of poor parking in the town through our Facebook page.

The anonymous driver described parking in the town as “atrocious”.

He said:

“Some of the driving in Coalisland is beyond a joke, many people don’t use indicators, adhere to the simple rules of the road such as roundabout etiquette – and the parking is atrocious.”

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