Battle of the boozers: Off-licence objects to rival Coalisland pub’s plans

A Coalisland off-licence has hit out at a rival pub’s plans to turn part of its premises into a competing off-sales area.

O’Neill’s Bar in the centre of the town plans to create an off-licence within its premises by splitting the existing pub in two.

But the proposal has been met with strong criticism from the owners of a neighbouring off-licence.

O’Neill’s Bar plans to transform part of its premises into a new off-licence

They have objected to the plans, arguing that there are already enough off-licences in Coalisland.

A letter of objection has been submitted to the planning department by an unnamed off-licence owner, according to online documents.

The objection letter reads:

“I wish to object strongly to the development of this new off-licence, directly opposite to my own off-licence which has been operating for 23 years.

“Coalisland is a small town, and this new off-licence will be the third one within 100 m sq in the town centre.

“We are a family-run business, and we feel this town has sufficient off-licences with another three operating and plans passed for another new one at a local supermarket.”

The proposed O’Neill’s off-licence would be the latest in a number of off-licences currently operating in the town.

Springisland Supermarket has also been given the go-ahead to create its own off-licence.

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