Fly-tippers plague Coalisland lane ‘on a weekly basis’

Fly-tipping on Kettle LaneWaste collection teams are now being called out every week to clear up illegal dumping along a road in Coalisland – just yards from a council-owned waste facility.

Kettle Lane has been a fly-tipping hotspot in Dungannon borough for years.

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On one occasion, the council was forced to remove 55 tyres illegally dumped along the lane.

Tyres and bags of rubbish can be found strewn along the side of the road

And “no dumping” notices erected by the council have been quickly torn down by the offenders.

Robert McMinn, Dungannon council’s director of technical services, said clearing the site had now become a weekly task, putting an extra cost on ratepayers.

Clearing the site has now become a weekly task, putting an extra cost on ratepayers

At a Dungannon council meeting held last month, councillors called for environmental improvements to be made in the area to try and prevent further dumping.

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One Comment on “Fly-tippers plague Coalisland lane ‘on a weekly basis’”

  1. nd90 says:

    I would just like to point out that there is a traveller man who lives beside my parents who will often take a collection of neighbours’ extra rubbish to the skips in his trailer- on one occasion my father was accompanying him and he kept stopping every few yards down kettle lane to clear the rubbish- he apologised and explained how he liked to clear it whenever he came down it as he hated to see such a lovely walk ruined. I just wanted that to be known as a lot of coalisland people would be tempted to blame travellers.


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