From Killyman to Hollywood: Local lad Fra Fee to star in Les Misérables movie

Fra Fee will appear alongside Hollywood stars including Anne Hathaway in the film version of musical Les Misérables

He was the local lad who “made it” in the world of acting, having clinched a West End role in Dirty Dancing before moving on to musical giant Les Misérables in London’s Queen’s Theatre.

But now Fra Fee has gained what many aspiring actors can only dream of – an exciting movie role alongside Tinseltown’s biggest stars in a film which will make movie history.

The Tyrone thespian will appear in the eagerly anticipated Les Misérables film starring Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Eddie Redmayne, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bonham Carter – and the cast list continues on like a drum roll of the film world’s biggest names.

(Scroll down for a trailer for the upcoming Les Misérables movie)

Fra Fee with Eddie Redmayne, who plays Marius in the film version of Les Misérables

Fee plays revolutionary student Courfeyrac in the film, and has been working with musical veteran Cameron Mackintosh.

The 25-year-old said: “I’ve been doing the stage show for just about a year now and was given the opportunity to audition for the movie.

“When I got cast, I was fortunate to be working for Cameron Mackintosh on both projects, so was able to leave the stage show when necessary to do filming.

“I feel very lucky to have been very accommodated in this respect.”

Fra FeeFra Fee backstage in West End Les Mis garb

Having begun his career in the modest surroundings of CRAIC Theatre in Coalisland, the Bardic Theatre in Donaghmore, and St Patrick’s Academy in Dungannon where he studied drama at A-level, Fee says the experience of working on set with huge stars has been “simply incredible”.

He said: “Being my first film, I feel as though it’s been an invaluable experience learning from screen actors of such high calibre.

“Jackman has successfully made the transition from musical theatre performer to screen actor and that’s something I hugely admire and aspire to.

“Eddie Redmayne came to the stage show when I was playing Marius so it was lovely to meet him and work with him on the film.

“I think he’s a tremendous actor. Watching him work was an absolute pleasure, a real talent.”

Fra Fee and Daniel Huttlestone, who plays streetwise urchin Gavroche in the upcoming Les Misérables movie

The young film star, who is the son of well-known local am-dram actor Frank Fee, says that people will be “astounded” when they see Les Misérables on the big screen.

He said: “To be part of what will quite simply be a historical moment in cinematic history is unbelievable.

“Tom Hooper’s movie is not going to be your typical musical to movie adaptation.

“It’s real, it’s gritty, it’s devastating – not a glossy musical at all.

“On set, all the actors sing live, something that’s hardly ever done for a movie musical, so when they sing, it’s in the moment, not lip-syching to something they created in a studio months before. So exciting!

“I really believe people will be astounded when they see it and I feel incredibly proud to have been a part of it!”

Les Misérables is set to be released in December this year.


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  1. Tonykeenan76 says:

    im just wanting to know is he a star in the show or an extra cus i cudnt c him in the trailer.i hope he is a star in it cus he has done real well and he is local.fair play to him and its tony keegs here.we used to hang round years ago


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