Fraudsters target Coalisland homes

Residents in the Coalisland area have fallen victim to scammers who phoned their home claiming to be from Microsoft.

Those affected are warning others to look out for the signs of the fraud phone call which has led to some people needing their computers re-formatted and their credit cards changed.

One Coalisland man, who asked to remain anonymous, said that his mother was targeted twice by a caller who insisted that there was something wrong with the computer in the house.

“My mother received a call early in the week from someone claiming to be from Microsoft.  They asked for the main user of the computer, and if that person was not there, when would they be available.

“They were stressing that there was a problem with our computer and that we would need to turn it on so that they could help.  My mum who doesn’t use computers was already aware that this was a scam and refused to co-operate and told them not to ring again.

“We already heard of a number of cases of people being caught out by this in the locality, having to get computers completely reformatted and credit cards cancelled

“Someone again rang back a second time on Thursday night.  My mum described the voice as being foreign,” he said.



One Comment on “Fraudsters target Coalisland homes”

  1. Mbrehony says:

    I got the same phone call in Galway and I nearly got caught out. They nearly convinced me they were from microsoft but I stopped the call just before giving them my card number. They are pretty good because I nearly believed them and I consider myself pretty street wise.Watch out for these guys. Mags


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