Historic Coalisland headstones commemorated in Facebook page

A Facebook page featuring photos of some of Coalisland’s oldest graveyard headstones has been set up to commemorate the town’s “forgotten history”.

The Coalisland Graveyard Historic Headstones Facebook page has posted photos showing some of the oldest headstones in St Mary and St Joseph’s Church graveyard in Brackaville.

Some of the photos of gravestones show inscriptions dating back to the early 19th Century, while others feature names that would be uncommon to Coalisland in modern times.

The page, which also features some photographs of headstones erected within the last few decades, has been set up by local Coalisland photographer Plunkett Scullion.

He said he hopes the Facebook page will highlight some of the town’s “forgotten history”.

Mr Scullion said: “There’s about 80 headstones in Coalisland graveyard, nearly all of the people died in the 1800s. Some lonely looking headstones, some forgotten. Also, ones with names that you would not hear around Coalisland now.

“People have written plenty about Coalisland’s history. I just feel these forgotten people buried in their graves 1800s are our forgotten history because they are the ones that helped build Coalisland. Who were they?”

Visit the Coalisland Graveyard Historic Headstones Facebook page for more photos and information on the project.

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