Coalisland parish to launch mobile app

A new app for mobile phone users and a revamped parish website will be launched in Coalisland parish (Ballyclog and Donaghenry) before Christmas.

The free app will allow for instant messages to be sent directly to users of Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad and Kindle products.

The app will allow access to the webcam in the Holy Family church so that Mass can be accessed more easily by those who are unable to come to the church, provided the particular phone supports this facility.

The new parish website will also be launched at the same time and it too can be accessed from the app. The app can also be downloaded from the parish website to mobile phones.

The aim of the new app is to allow more people to access parish information and services from handheld devices without being limited to a fixed computer-based position.

It is also hoped that in this “Year of Faith”, people can use the app to become more aware of what is happening in our parish, in our diocese and in our Church.

Details of how to download the app will be announced at the time of the launch.

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One Comment on “Coalisland parish to launch mobile app”

  1. Sean Dugan says:

    Very Interesting


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