Paranormal investigators: Brackaville ghost site ‘truly haunted’

Spirit-hunters say the site in Brackaville where a ghostly woman in white is said to appear is “truly haunted” after completing an in-depth investigation.

Brackaville made the headlines more than two years ago when claims of a ghostly woman haunting Mullaghmoyle Road prompted hundreds of people to descend on the area.

Omagh-based Violet Flame Paranormal Team visited the site just over three weeks before Halloween to carry out experiments and determine the authenticity of the sightings.

The team say they witnessed a chilling woman in white, and their expert mediums sensed the presence of a young woman at the spooky site.

Simon Burke, technical equipment expert for Violet Flame, said: “Without a shadow of a doubt, the Brackaville site is truly haunted.

“We have the evidence on tape to prove it.”

SPIRIT: Is this proof of the Brackaville ghost?

The paranormal investigation was carried out late at night on Saturday, October 8.

Three members of Violet Flame visited the site – psychic mediums Paula McGillian and Irene McDevitt, along with Simon.

Simon said the team have been keen to visit Brackaville for about two years after watching internet clips and reading reports on the ghostly sightings. They travelled to Mullaghmoyle Road in Brackaville and stopped in the dip where the ghost is usually seen.

But just as they were about to reverse and pull into the side of the road, Irene saw something in her mirror.

“She turned her head and saw something white, shimmering, passing the back of the car,” Simon said.

“That was the first indication that it was going to be a good night.”

The team used a scatter laser, a high-powered laser pointer fitted with a special lens to show the shapes of any spirits in the area.

Simon said psychic mediums Irene and Paula were able to pick up some readings from the area.

He said: “The whole time Irene was getting the name ‘Lilly’, and that she was quite young, like 17 or 18.

“Paula was feeling drawn to the old house that is down there.  She felt like there was an old woman there, but since the house was fenced off, we couldn’t go up.”

The team then decided to hop back in their car to carry out an experiment with a Franks box – a device used to scan the AM frequency of a radio.

Simon said: “It’s said that spirits can use the particular frequencies to speak in direct response to questions asked.

“We did ask several questions, and did get responses, which are available to see on the video.”

Paula also got a feeling that the young girl she sensed before, Lilly, was actually in the car with them.

Simon said: “Towards the end of the experiment, Irene and Paula started to get funny feelings, like we weren’t meant to be there.

“Irene asked if we needed to leave, and a response said yes.  But Irene already felt that we were meant to leave.  So, we just packed up the gear and left.”

HAUNTED: A popular YouTube video from 2009 claiming to show the Brackaville ghost

Reflecting on the experience, Simon was adamant that evidence of paranormal activity had surfaced at the Brackaville site.

He said: “The paranormal activity that was there was the fact that Irene saw the figure behind the car.

“Also, in another video clip I made, taken by Paula, you can see the shape of two people just as a car passes us.”


‘An old woman with a white dress and a long white cape down her back’

Supposed sightings of a ghost on Mullaghmoyle Road led to crowds of people descending on the area over the January 2009 holidays.

“It looks an old woman with a white dress and a long white cape down her back,” said Ryan Bell at the time, who claimed to have seen the ghost at least six times.

The story drew the attention of the Guardian, who sent over a film crew to make a short online video on the sightings.

According to a local paranormal group, the ghostly legend related to a phantom female hitchhiker.

Some people said a fairy tree planted above a bottled spirit had been cut down at a nearby field.

The locations of other allegedly haunted sites near Coalisland

  • Riddles’ Ghost, Annagher Road
  • O’Donnell’s house, Magheramulkenny
  • Tommy Smith’s house, next to Black Bridge, Mountjoy Road
  • Old Rectory, near Church of Ireland, Mountjoy Road

Do you know anything about these supposedly haunted sites, or any others in the area? Get in touch by commenting below

>View the full Violet Flame investigation on YouTube

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2 Comments on “Paranormal investigators: Brackaville ghost site ‘truly haunted’”

  1. I lived 100 yards from the occupants of this house from 1941 to 1951 & was regularly in their home. They attended Brackaville Church of ireland in Coalisland like myself.  I watched the lady of the house churning butter in a churn in the middle of her living room a mrs Maggie Gilmore. I was there to buy our butter regularly., there were two men in the family & an old woman who sat in the corner constantly . If I remember correctly one of the men the younger was Tommy Gilmore the youngest girl was Peggy. a teenager.I left Brackaville in 1951 when my gran died there were just the two of us left on our little farm. our house she had sold the year before  & they dug all the sand out below it & demolished the house. Her name was Margaret McCullough

  2. What a load of cobblers ! A bunch of amateurs who can’t even spell the name correctly.
    BRACKAVILLE or BRACKENVILLE ?? ” It was the ghost wot dunnit ma ludd “


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