Reactions to Derrytresk appeal decisions

Players, pundits and fans have reacted to the decisions made following Derrytresk’s appeal.

Derrytresk player Aidan Quinn proudly said his team would represent “the best of Ulster” in Sunday’s final.

“Derrytresk in Croke Park 12th February, representing the best of Ulster and Munster.. end of,” he said on Twitter.

Speaking on Facebook while awaiting the decision, he said: “Feel sick for the boys. Nobody deserves that, least of all them men.

“They threw everything at us, they think they have us beat, they think they’ve made it impossible now, they think they’ve thrown us out – they can think again. We’re the Hill. We’re Winners. Come and see.”

His teammate Liam Slater defended himself and Derrytresk against abuse on Twitter, saying to one Co Kerry commenter they would eat their words.

“We’ll be in the stand while he’s at home in Kerry scratching his balls,” Liam said.

Captain Cathal O’Neill said on Facebook: “The way things are going they’ll have the Hill team stripping out on street beside Croke Park.

“Amazing how incidents in county games on the same day have been brushed over – and as for the water boy fiasco..”

Sports pundits and politicians also took to social networks to give their opinion on today’s outcome.

Former UTV broadcaster Adrian Logan slammed Derrytresk’s five-year championship ban as “baffling”.

“I really hope Derrytresk win it. The punishment is too much. All I want for the rest of the year is consistency, and no violence,” he said on Twitter.

“It looks as if Croke Park just want Derrytresk to turn up and lose. [That] used to be the Ulster way. Not anymore. Come on Derrytresk.”

Liam Aherne, sports editor with Live 95FM, said on Twitter: “So it was all Derrytresk then..Dromid Pearses were completely innocent??? Give me a break.”

West Tyrone MLA Barry McElduff said on Twitter: “I watched the video. Derrytresk hard done by. I sincerely hope that they can go on to win Sunday’s All Ireland Final despite everything.”

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