Revealed: Shocking new photo from Derrytresk semi-final with Dromid

An alarming new photograph has surfaced from the All-Ireland Junior Club football semi-final in Portlaoise between Derrytresk and Dromid.

The photo, published by The Irish Times, shows Dromid Pearses number 11 player Declan O’Sullivan in an altercation with a Derrytresk player at the end of the heated match.

The photograph was taken by Eddie O’Neill – a Derrytresk club member who regularly takes pictures of club games.

Earlier this week, a Derrytresk supporter who hit Mr O’Sullivan with a handbag was banned from attending games for almost a year.

The image has been released following the announcement of further penalties on the Derrytresk team, including a five-year ban from the Ulster and All-Ireland contest, due to a brawl with Dromid players at the semi-final on January 22.

Players, pundits and politicians have expressed their surprise at the numerous punishments handed down to the Derrytresk squad.

>Irish Times report



2 Comments on “Revealed: Shocking new photo from Derrytresk semi-final with Dromid”

  1. Paddy Mac says:

    I think the punishment dished out yesterday was incredibly harsh – not being allowed to represent Tyrone for five years? Very harsh indeed if they were to win another championship! Then again, harsh punishments are the only way to deter this sort of behaviour in future

  2. Binnian says:

    I agree with Paddy Mac, I think it is extremely harsh for what it was. The above picture confirming it was an unjust and unbalanced decision! Really there is no call for brawls in GAA, that sort of behaviour should stay with soccer. But the banning of these players is not going to quell and further disruptions, it may just make people more frustrated.


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