Survey results: 81% AGAINST Lineside supermarket plan

A snapshot survey carried out by Coalisland Post suggests more than four in every five householders in the town are against plans to build a new supermarket at the Lineside.

Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.

Readers were asked whether they thought the proposals for a Newell Stores supermarket to be built at the Lineside in Coalisland should be approved by the planning authority.

An overwhelming majority of 81.48% voted against the plans, with the remaining 18.52% welcoming the proposals.

The results come on the day the consultation period for the proposals ends. The DOE will now make a site inspection before making a report and putting across its own viewpoint to Dungannon Council.

The snapshot poll was carried out between 6pm on Sunday, October 9 and midnight on Tuesday, October 11, with a total of 27 readers taking part over the short time period.

They were posed the question: “Do you think the proposed plans for a supermarket at the Lineside in Coalisland should be approved by the planning authority?”

A total of 22 people voted “no” (81.48%), while the remaining five voted “yes” (18.52%).

The poll was carried out using the Kwik Surveys website and was limited to one vote per computer within the short time period.

The divisive development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups.

But the plans have been scaled back and were resubmitted for consideration on Thursday, September 15.

Meanwhile, plans for what could be Coalisland’s fourth supermarket have been sent to the planning authority for approval. Developers hope to convert the existing fireplace showroom on Brackaville Road so that it includes a new grocery superstore, filling station and jetwash.

If both sets of plans were approved, the total number of supermarkets in Coalisland would double to four superstores – and the number of food convenience stores would increase to about seven.

Coalisland Post readers have been putting across their own views on the development.

David said he could not see how the new supermarket could be any good for the town.

He said: “I’m all for development but fail to understand how another large supermarket in the town could be beneficial. What would it offer in the way the other two main supermarkets don’t?

“It is a relatively small area, and the local business and smaller shops have a tough time already without yet another large business weighing in.”

Wakeupandsmelltheroses said: “The Main Street is already congested so how are we to accommodate this increase in traffic?”

But Briankerr45 has shown support for the plans.

He said: “Well 30 jobs is a god-send to the area so I can’t see any problems. The canal is saved so a bit of healthy competition can only be good for the consumers.”

>View the new planning application

>View the original planning application

What do you think about the proposals and our survey results? Is a third Coalisland supermarket too much, or is it a welcome source of employment for the town? Let us know your views by commenting below


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