Massive arms haul on Mountjoy Road

Police have confirmed a “very significant arms” find on Mountjoy Road,  after weapons and materials were discovered in a number of stolen cars in a garage.

This comes after locals witnessed a heavy police and helicopter presence in the area, particularly around Castlebay social club in Brocagh.

Speaking at a press conference at police headquarters in Belfast, Assistant Chief Constable Drew Nelson said that the find was  “the most significant in recent years”.

The weapons included four rifles, detonators, component parts for rocket launchers and explosives including what may be the plastic explosive Semtex.

Police believe this to be linked with today’s arrest of a man in Scotland in connection with the murder of Ronan Kerr.

On Sunday police stormed a Coalisland home as part of an investigation into “terrorist activity”. Five police vans gathered at the property in The Mills estate on the Washing Bay Road.


2 Comments on “Massive arms haul on Mountjoy Road”

  1. Malachy says:

    More information here than on the BBC/UTV website! keep it up!

  2. Maura says:

    Well done Catherine, better quality than even the BBC


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