Coalisland canal set for £15,000 revamp

A section of Coalisland canal is set to undergo a £15,000 revamp under new construction plans.

The banks of the canal will be improved under the proposals with gravel work, 1.1-metre high railings and reclaimed lock gates running along the edge of the waterway.

The proposals seek to reconstruct to the end of the canal between the Maplebrook and Canal Quay housing estates. It would replace the wired fencing currently positioned around the end of the canal.

The project is believed to cost about £15,000 once development, materials, construction and landscaping are taken into consideration.

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The end of Coalisland canal along the lineside as it looks now

It is understood the project has been developed by Ógras Youth Centre and Dungannon council, on consultation with the Coalisland canal group. The plans were sent to representatives of Coalisland canal following discussions with Dungannon council representatives.

The proposals will be subject to further consultation before a final decision is made.


2 Comments on “Coalisland canal set for £15,000 revamp”

  1. me says:

    well, has to be said, lovely as it is, and it is. but today is the first time in a couple of years that i have walked it, so disappointed that still not one summer seat from start to finish. cant see the river because it is not looked after. nice and quiet , needs attention !!! big time. evee

  2. EJB says:

    I run along the canal regularly – i would be much nicer if rubbish in the canal itself was collected – if you could actually see the canal when on the path – additional bins and seats along the path way. Also it would be nice if there is someway to prevent underage drinking and vandleism at weekends and holiday times – but i suppose thats another matter completely!


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