Coalisland SDLP member among party’s new community team

Chair of the SDLP’s Coalisland branch Malachy Quinn has been chosen to become one of the party’s representatives for the Dungannon area.

The former council election candidate will work along with Serena Hyland in representing the Dungannon area on behalf of the party.

The positions are part of a new team of local representatives unveiled by the party’s new leader Alasdair McDonnell.

McDonnell said the move was fulfilling his leadership election pledge to make the SDLP “electorally battle ready” at all times.

The MP and MLA said: “I have begun that process internally and part of that is about identifying energetic people who can look to fill some of the gaps that have emerged, represent the SDLP locally, serve their communities and prepare to fight upcoming local government elections.

“Some are people who will work with our elected representatives in those areas where additional support is welcome and where we feel there are electoral opportunities.

“Others will represent the SDLP in areas which have perhaps been neglected and where we know that the SDLP vote can be encouraged to come out again.

“They come from right across the North and are just the first tranche of representatives that I will be announcing over the next months.”

Newly appointed local reps include:

Serena Hyland – Dungannon

Malachy Quinn – Dungannon

John Coyle – North Fermanagh/Irvinestown

Pat McDaid – Craigavon

Anne Sheridan – South Armagh

Oonagh McNickle – Limavady

Yvonne Leonard – Newry

Christine Wilson – Lisburn

Nicola Turtle – Lisburn

Peter Devlin – North Belfast


One Comment on “Coalisland SDLP member among party’s new community team”

  1. Phoenix9234 says:

    Had to laugh at Serena’s letter in the Irish news today, talking about the SDLP being affliated to the British Labour party, bet she is glad the so called war in Iraq has wound down, over 100,000 (conseravtive estimate) civilians dead, very socialist!!


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