Comedian Jake O’Kane: ‘I’ve played Coalisland – how much harder can it get?’

Attempting to perform stand-up comedy in front of a heckling audience is a terrifying prospect for many – but seasoned comic Jake O’Kane says Coalisland audiences are among the toughest.

The Belfast comedian suggested that, after performing stand-up to a Coalisland crowd, other venues across the country would be far from difficult.

O’Kane tweeted: “Just did a telephone interview with the lovely Donna from Tele North West edition regarding T’Gas Limavady show. She wished me luck, often!

“Now of course I’m wondering just why I need so much luck to play Limavady?! I’ve done Coalisland & Ballymena, how much harder could it be?”

Fans of the comedian were quick to defend Coalisland’s fiesty crowds.

Louise Dorman tweeted to the star: “What’s wrong with coalisland – We’re a friendly bunch.”

And teacher Eimear said: “Ach now Coalisland would have loved ya.”

As reported by Coalisland Post, O’Kane has previously said he was “traumatised” by the sight of a Coalisland man’s massive man-boobs.

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One Comment on “Comedian Jake O’Kane: ‘I’ve played Coalisland – how much harder can it get?’”

  1. Me thinks the ‘trainee journalist’ has jumped to the wrong conclusion!  Coalisland was a lovely gig!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and got a great reception from the crowd.  What I was trying to jokingly intimate was that you had to be on your mettle to play both there and Ballymena, as the punters take no prisoners!
    Coincidentally I’ll be back up at the Craic Theatre in Coalisland tomorrow night to celebrate the launch of my good friend Ronan McSherry’s new book – he’s the famous chap with the ‘man boobs’ by the way. 


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