DOE: Lineside supermarket is ‘detriment to townscape’

Controversial plans to build a third supermarket in the centre of Coalisland have been sent back to the design stage after the planning authority raised several concerns over the proposals.

Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.

But the Department of the Environment (DOE) has raised concerns over the supermarket, giving planners less than two weeks to make significant changes to the proposals.

A letter on behalf of the area’s planning manager said: “These amendments are required because the proposal as submitted does not accord with policy and would be to the detriment of the townscape if permitted.”

The setback follows objections to the development from homeowners in Mourne Crescent and Lineside architect Clarman Ltd.

The letter from the DOE was sent on Monday, November 1. Among their concerns, the DOE said the building itself “has been located incorrectly on the site as it results in a large gap in the building line along Lineside”.

They said the proposed car park should be shifted to the eastern side of the site, with access “relocated as far from the existing Lineside junction as possible”.

Issues over the building’s design were also raised, suggesting the use of cladding on the walls gave the supermarket a “less than pleasing industrial appearance”. A traditional building or more contemporary approach were suggested as more suitable for the development.

Site plan, showing the proposed roundabout in the top-left corner, and parking spaces towards the left, next to the health centre. The DOE want parking to be relocated towards the opposite side of the site

The DOE has also requested details and drawings of the retaining wall to be included in the revised application.

“This letter does not infer a likely opinion of approval and the information above is requested on a purely without prejudice basis, further information may be required and you will be notified about this as soon as possible,” the correspondence said.

Developers are required to submit their revised planning application by Monday, November 14. The authority’s development management group aim to fully consider the planning application on Monday, November 21.

Neighbours and the Road Service will be re-consulted when the revised application is received, and further advertisements will be published in the local press.

Homeowners in Mourne Crescent have launched legal action against the supermarket developers

The divisive supermarket development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups.

But the plans were scaled back and resubmitted for consideration on Thursday, September 15.

The proposals include 90 car-parking spaces and the construction of a roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre – the seventh roundabout in Coalisland.

Lineside architect Clarman Ltd has submitted a 21-point letter to the planning authority against the proposals.

The firm claimed the level of car parking planned for the Lineside supermarket development was less than half of what is required, and that the proposed roundabout would create a “serious hazard” in the town.

And homeowners in Mourne Crescent have also submitted objections to the plans, revealing they have launched legal action against the developers.

The homeowners claimed cracks appeared on their buildings and their gardens began to sink after diggers moved in to prepare foundations for the planned supermarket.

They now hope to receive compensation for the “negative impact” the development has had on the value of their properties.

A snapshot survey carried out by Coalisland Post suggested more than four in every five householders in the town are against plans to build a new supermarket at the Lineside.

>View the new planning application

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