Householders angered by Brackaville supermarket plan

Site of the proposed supermarket on Brackaville Road, Coalisland

Brackaville householders have hit out at the DOE and developers for failing to inform them of plans to build a supermarket and filling station next to their homes.

Plans to build a new grocery superstore and filling station on Brackaville Road have been submitted to the planning authority, with the DOE’s website claiming that neighbouring properties have been informed of the proposals.

But homeowners on Kettle Lane, just next to where the development could be built, say they have received no correspondence from the planning authority or the developers.

Paddy McCormack, whose home is under 11ft from the development land, expressed frustration at not being contacted about the proposals – as it gave him only days to lodge any objections.

He said: “A simple letter to the people directly affected by these plans would not have been difficult to have drafted.”

And within days of Coalisland Post reporting news of the plans, more householders on Kettle Lane revealed they had not been informed of any development.

Concerned resident Eimear Hughes said: “Myself nor any resident in Kettle Lane have been notified of this ridiculous proposal.

“I find it quite astonishing that it states on the planning application for this so-called ‘supermarket’ that neighbours have been notified. This statement is far from true.”

The Department of Environment say homes on Kettle Lane will now be sent letters of notification as the result of a site inspection.

The proposed Brackaville supermarket, as viewed from Brackaville Road in Coalisland

The new Brackaville supermarket proposals were submitted to the planning authority by the applicant, Eugene Treanor, on Wednesday, October 5.

The plans come as the DOE moves to consider proposals for a Newell Stores supermarket along the Lineside.

Mr McCormack said he felt there was an “attempt at misdirection” due to the lack of information about the development.

The homeowner has launched a petition and has met with Dungannon Council to discuss the plans.

He said: “This development is completely out of character with the aesthetic of the area, and is also wholly unnecessary.

“This is a reasonably densely populated area of the town, granted, but it is less than a 10-minute walk to either supermarket already in Coalisland.

“I plan to oppose the development as much as possible, using every resource possible.”

He added: “This is a very quiet area of Coalisland. Even with the Primate Dixon in close quarters, there is a minimum of traffic or noise in the area, and that is why there are a number of pensioners and elderly people living in the area.

“This redevelopment will completely change the complexion of this area of Coalisland, and severely impact upon the living conditions of the people directly affected.

“There is an argument that a small shop might be useful, but realistically, with the area being less than one mile to either supermarket already in Coalisland, this argument doesn’t really stand up.”

A DOE spokeswoman said: “The department recognises that neighbour notification is an important part of the development management process.

“For the purpose of this scheme neighbouring land means occupiers of buildings on sites which adjoin the boundary of the application site and those which would adjoin the site but for an entry or a road less than 20 metres wide.

“The initial list of properties notified is based on details supplied by the applicant and information held on the planning portal. During the initial stages of processing a further on-site check is carried out to establish if further properties require to be notified.

“In this instance, following a site inspection properties on Kettle Lane have been identified for neighbour notification. Letters will now be sent to these properties.”

What do you think about the latest proposals? Is this a welcome new development for the town? Will this develop competition among convenience stores in Coalisland? Let us know your views by commenting below



One Comment on “Householders angered by Brackaville supermarket plan”

  1. big chestnut tree says:

    Wouldn”t the increased traffic be a danger to the children going to the Primate Dixon.I think all parents with children attending the school and the school principal should reject this!


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