Lineside supermarket: Plans for TWO-LANE roundabout traffic emerge

New details of plans to dramatically alter the flow of traffic in Coalisland town centre have emerged as part of the controversial Lineside supermarket development.

Rossdale Developments Ltd submitted new plans to build a Newell Stores supermarket on the site of the disused Lineside egg store last year – but now appear to have significantly changed their proposals.

Planning documents show a newly designed roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre, creating two-lanes of road traffic in places, traffic islands and zebra crossings.

Coalisland’s seventh roundabout could have two lanes of traffic, zebra crossings and traffic islands as developers fight to control road congestion

The roundabout – the seventh in Coalisland – would create two-lanes of traffic coming onto the roundabout upon leaving the supermarket, with a single-car slip route for customers entering the new, extended car park.

The supermarket building design itself has been altered so that it can be pushed back to run along the bank next to Mourne Crescent, instead of standing on its own.

And the entrance to the car park next to the public toilets would be cut off as part of the major new road layout.

The new plans show the supermarket building has been pushed back along the bank next to Mourne Crescent, instead of standing on its own

The plans have been drawn up by Clarman Architects – the same company that previously criticised the supermarket proposals as creating a “serious hazard” in the town.

Car parking facilities now snake across the length of the canal after developers secured a deal to demolish the offices of Clarman Architects and several neighbouring homes.

Clarman Architects previously submitted a formal letter listing 21 objections to the planned supermarket development, saying the level of car parking planned was only half of what was required.

The new plans make way for extra parking spaces in a bid to see off the criticisms made by planning experts and concerned residents.

The developers secured a deal to demolish the offices of Clarman Architects and several neighbouring homes to create more parking spaces (click to enlarge)

Earlier this month, a planning consultancy firm slammed the DOE for its handling of the proposals,accusing the department of being ”negligent from the outset”.

They also highlighted that plans to build a roundabout in the town was not under the applicants’ control – as it lay on a public road.

Homeowners in Mourne Crescent submitted objections to the plans, revealing they have launched legal action against the developers.

A snapshot survey carried out by Coalisland Post suggested more than four in every five householders in the town are against plans to build a new supermarket at the Lineside.

>Demolition planning application

>Supermarket planning application

What do you think about the proposals? Were Clarman Architects right to sell to the supermarket developers? Let us know your views by commenting below


2 Comments on “Lineside supermarket: Plans for TWO-LANE roundabout traffic emerge”

  1. Myvotesupforgrabs says:

    hi i think i will give some money to my local representative and then go to stevensons ( nothing like keeping my money  in the town) buy a sledge hammer and then go bull doze as much of the centre of the town as i can no doubt i will be arrested ,chastised and shunned as a nothing.. NO WAIT i will open a supermarket and do the same thing that way i am am bringing blah blah to the town. 

    30 K TO FIX TOILETS….go take a look down the line now and tell me yor surprosed at this happening……..if  any local councillors read this don’t tell me that you know about it tell me what your doing about it ,,,then i can judge YOU on how well you can not only make a promise but also carry it out….times are a changing and the people of coalsialnd and their votes are now based on what the local representtives DO not what they say they will do………i see the representatives of the people of newmills more accurately reprsentating their voters

    • Erer says:

      Ha ha have u ever seen the ad at election time with the fella with a gag on his mouth I.e don’t register means no vote well CoalislandTyrone is the Bermuda of politics we do vote the but we may as well not…….the past 4years has seen an almighty awakening in east Tyrone were family and society has changed and t old enemy is now gone and self respect has arisen……mark my words it is now the local representative that acts and Convinces the people of the Tyrone that now gets th votes viva espana p.s my local rep ahem needs to actually do something and not sit on the fence


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