‘Not in our town’: Coalisland vigil planned against drugs

A demonstration is to be held in Coalisland on Saturday in protest against drugs in the town.

A cross-community action group set up by parents and church leaders plan to hold a vigil at the Cornmill on Saturday, April 7, at 1pm as an act of defiance and solidarity against the town’s growing drugs problem.

Coalisland parish priest Fr Paul Byrne said the gathering, which is being organised along with Church of Ireland minister Rev Andrew Rawding, would not be a march through the town.

The “Coalisland Cares” community vigil will be followed by a meeting to discuss and plan a campaign strategy on Monday, April 16, at 7pm at the Brackaville parish hall (corner Mountcairn Drive).

Concerns over the town’s problems with drugs have grown over recent weeks following reports of teenagers being caught up in the illegal activity.

Last Friday night, huge crowds gathered at a public meeting in the town in a bid to tackle the drugs issues among young people.

Ideas such as creating a drop-in centre manned by volunteers and using The Pub With No Beer have been suggested to target vulnerable teenagers.

“Our focus will be on helping the children”, one parent told the Tyrone Times.

“We have to get them off the streets and ensure that someone responsible is always looking out for them. We think the best way to do this is to create a drop-in centre which will remove them from negative influences.”

The Coalisland Cares community vigil will be held on Saturday, April 7 at 1pm at the Cornmill. A meeting to discuss a campaign strategy and planning meeting will take place on Monday, April 16, at 7pm at the Brackaville parish hall (corner Mountcairn Drive).


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2 Comments on “‘Not in our town’: Coalisland vigil planned against drugs”

  1. Emilymca_21 says:

    a rally is pointless, that gives the drug dealers a great laugh, this may sound harsh but ever since the hard republicans left the cause and the ceasefire begain, they drugs took over, my honest opinon is to drive them out with force, its the only answer, hit the nail on the head and put the drugs away to stay. bring back the knee capping,

    • Fight against Violence says:

      Moderator, why do you let posts like this through? This woman is condoning violence. God forbid it happens one of her family!!


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