Opposition to Brackaville supermarket mounts

Opposition to the construction of a new supermarket and filling station in Brackaville has gathered pace, with up to 10 homeowners so far voicing their objections to the plans.

Proposals to build a new grocery superstore and filling station on Brackaville Road have been submitted to the planning authority – and could be the fourth supermarket development in the town.

But residents from several neighbouring properties have quickly responded with angry letters of objection.

Many fear the petrol station development will cause cracks and structural damage to their homes if a piling process were to take place.

Concerns over privacy, air and noise pollution, and increased dangers to children walking to the nearby schools have also been raised.

And several letters have criticised the DOE and the developers for failing to inform them of the proposals.

In a joint letter of objection, three residents on Brackaville Road said: “We are angry that none of the residents adjacent to the proposed development, including ourselves, were notified about this even though it stated that ‘neighbours have been notified of the plans’.

“This has left us with limited time to study the plans and raise our objections.”

The proposed Brackaville supermarket and petrol station development

It anger comes after homeowners on Kettle Lane criticised the developers and the DOE for failing to inform them of the plans.

The Brackaville Road residents also expressed fears over using a piling process to construct the development.

Their letter said: “If piling were to take place, then we are sure that structural damage would take place to our home.

“This happened three years ago when a traffic control ramp was built outside our gate and the impact of the heavy vehicles when passing over it, caused cracks in our floors and walls, the ramp had to be removed by road service because of this and we are sure this would happen again if piling were to take place.”

Six householders in Red Row, Kettle Lane, showed concern over privacy, lighting and health and safety.

They also feared the increased traffic from the new development would create a greater risk to children walking to school at Primate Dixon and St Joseph’s College.

Commenting on the use of underground fuel storage tanks, their letter said: “This gives us cause for concern as the build-up of fumes from these underground tanks must be vented somewhere, which will potentially be in the direct vicinity of our homes.”

Some householders now intend to create a petition against the petrol station before the plans are discussed by Dungannon Council.

The deadline for homeowners to make their views heard has been put back to Monday, November 1 after neighbours complained about not being notified.

>New Brackaville supermarket planning application in full

What do you think about the latest proposals? Is this a welcome new development for the town? Are the residents right in their arguments? Let us know your views by commenting below


One Comment on “Opposition to Brackaville supermarket mounts”

  1. Paddy McCormack says:

    Nicely put! I find it amusing however, that we received official notification the day after we’d all lodged our complaints – possibly just some bad timing? haha


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