Coalisland architect: Lineside supermarket plans fall ‘well below standards’

The level of car parking planned for the Lineside supermarket development is only half of what is required, a Coalisland architects’ firm has claimed.

Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.


The plans include 90 car-parking spaces and the proposed construction of a roundabout on the Lineside bend next to the health centre – the seventh roundabout in Coalisland.

But Lineside architect Clarman Ltd say more than 118 additional car-parking spaces would be needed to accommodate the development.

The shocking claim is made in the firm’s letter of objection to the supermarket proposals, submitted to the planning authority.

In a devastating 21-point list of objections, they also say a proposed “sub-standard” roundabout in the plans falls “well below” the standards as laid out in the Department of Regional Development Roads Service guidance notes.

Clarman Ltd claims the proposed roundabout would create a “serious hazard” in the town.

They also say the developers have failed to take the turning movement of articulated lorries and large rigid lorries into account –  further reducing the number of actual parking spaces available to shoppers.

Other objections in the lengthy letter include:

  • The design of the site layout “will substantially detract from the existing street-scape character”. The proposed use of materials, the building form and scale of the proposal is also “out of keeping with the character of the area”
  • There are no proposals to widen the Lineside for the servicing of the proposed premises
  • The applicant fails to demonstrate the location of air-conditioning units and refrigeration units, or the flue pipe serving the serve over
  • The proposed location of an ATM machine will encourage parking on the public road, therefore blocking the access to the Lineside
  • The applicant fails to demonstrate how the building will be serviced by the existing town sewer and storm system.
  • A traffic-impact statement or parking statement has not been provided with the plans
  • The applicant fails to show noise levels and odour levels which this development is expected to generate

The letter added: “While we have no objection in principle to a supermarket at this location we feel that the following points must be taken into consideration by planning service in their assessment.”

Homeowners in Mourne Crescent have also submitted objections to the plans, revealing they have launched legal action against the developers.

>View the new planning application

What do you think about the proposals? Is a third Coalisland supermarket too much, or is it a welcome source of employment for the town? Let us know your views by commenting below


2 Comments on “Coalisland architect: Lineside supermarket plans fall ‘well below standards’”

  1. big chestnut tree says:

    And need we say we are exceptionally pissed that we didn’t get the contract

  2. D H says:

    I think a 3rd supermarket is too much for a smallish town, it might create 30 or so jobs but there will be 30 jobs lost somewhere else in the not too distant future so you are back to square one.  


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