Poll: Should the Lineside supermarket plans get the go-ahead? Have your say

Some weeks ago it was revealed that proposals for a third supermarket in the centre of Coalisland were re-submitted to the planning authority. We want you to have your say on whether the plans should be given the green light.

Rossdale Developments Ltd hope to construct a Newell Stores supermarket on the disused egg store warehouse site, on the Lineside.

The divisive development was scrapped earlier this year following intense pressure from residents and community groups, but plans were resubmitted on Thursday, September 15.

We have decided to carry out an online poll on the supermarket plans, and will submit the results to the divisional planning office before the consultation deadline.

Simply choose “yes”, “no” or “don’t know” and click “submit” to take part in the poll. Please provide any comments you have below and these will be sent to the planning authority along with the results. The poll closes on Wednesday, and the results will be revealed later this week.

The DOE’s website provides details on how to make individual comments on planning proposals. Please make your own submissions in conjunction with this poll, rather than relying on this survey only.

>View the new planning application

>View the original planning application



One Comment on “Poll: Should the Lineside supermarket plans get the go-ahead? Have your say”

  1. David says:

    I’m all for development but fail to understand how another large supermarket in the town could be beneficial. What would it offer in the way the other two main supermarkets don’t? It is a relatively small area, and the local business and smaller shops have a tough time already without yet another large business weighing in, for no other reason than to make money for itself. I cannot see this being any good for the town of Coalisland

    Regards David


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