Residents slam Brackaville petrol station plans for ‘failing to address concerns’

Homeowners have hit out at proposals to build a new petrol station and grocery store in Brackaville, saying the latest plans have failed to address their concerns.

Developers hope to convert the existing fireplace showroom on Brackaville Road so that it includes a new grocery store and filling station.

The plans have been altered since they were first submitted in October last year. Extra fencing and mature trees will be put in place in a bid to screen the development from Kettle Lane properties, and plans for a jetwash appear to have been scrapped.

But residents say their previous objections still stand – and they plan to fight the amended proposals.

Extra fencing and mature trees will be put in place in a bid to screen the development from homes on Kettle Lane

Paddy McCormack, of Kettle Lane, said: “We fail to see how the revised plans deal with the majority of our previous objections.

“The new plans have only dealt with one of these issues, which is of course the carwash.

“If the development goes ahead as outlined we will still suffer from privacy and lighting concerns, safety issues regarding the underground fuel tanks as well as land subsidence once the trees in the barrier begin to take root and grow.

“This tree barrier, based on the plans, will be approximately 1.6m from the back wall of my home – less than 6ft.”

The proposed Brackaville grocery store, as viewed from Brackaville Road in Coalisland

He added: “I would still intend to object to the plans, and oppose the development, as it is still grossly infringing on the basic human rights of myself and my family.”

The original plans were submitted by applicant Eugene Treanor in October last year.

Under the original proposals, a total of eight staff members would be employed on the site and the motoring and grocery services would attract about 180 customers each day.

The whole building’s surface area would increase from 476.5m sq to 666.3m sq. Documents also propose a forecourt canopy for petrol pumps.

But residents from several neighbouring properties quickly responded with angry letters of objection.

Many feared the petrol station development would cause cracks and structural damage to their homes if a piling process was to take place.

Concerns over privacy, air and noise pollution, and increased dangers to children walking to the nearby schools were also raised.

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