Nothing for kids to do? Youth groups to showcase work following drugs fears

Youth groups and charities are set to showcase the many opportunities available to young people tonight following fears that bored youngsters are becoming hooked on drugs.

The event, organised by Ógras Youth Club, will take place tonight (April 27) at Coalisland Parochial Centre between 7pm and 10pm.

It aims to highlight the clubs, groups and opportunities available to young people in the community between the ages of four and 18.

Information on all sporting, drama, music and language groups within the area will be available.

Organisations including Breakthru, Opportunity Youth, Lilac and the Niamh Louise Foundation will also be in attendance to provide families with information on health and well-being.

The event is the latest reaction to growing concerns over drugs issues in Coalisland, which has prompted hundreds to attend a series of public meetings and a mass demonstration in the middle of the town.

Some people attending the meetings claimed youngsters were becoming caught up in the illegal activity due to a lack of opportunities available to them in the Coalisland area.

Earlier this week, the PSNI agreed to attend a public meeting to discuss the problems on Thursday 3 May at 8pm in Coalisland’s Parochial Centre, following talks with church and political representatives.

The public gathering will be the first time police have have met with Coalisland residents since concerns over issues with drugs in the town snowballed last month.

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One Comment on “Nothing for kids to do? Youth groups to showcase work following drugs fears”

  1. Myob says:

    I really don’t think that the problem is that there’s nothing for them to do..there’s plenty of things for them to do..more activities and clubs than most other areas.  The problem is that the children/youth who are engaging in anti social behaviour have no interest in anything other than hanging round street corners and wrecking.  The problems start at home in my opinion and need to be addressed in the home by their parents!!


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